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Our story traces back to 1911 when John A. Snively, a railroad worker from Shellburg, Pennsylvania, with minimal education, embarked on a new journey in Winter Haven, FL. Little did he know that he would go on to build a citrus empire in Florida. In 1934, John Snively started the Polk Packing Company, which later became Snively Groves Inc. The company became one of the largest fresh fruit, cannery, and concentrate plants of its day. It employed 1,500 people and was Winter Haven’s largest industry, as well as a leader among the independent growers.. Despite a citrus focus, our family had an equal passion for food and would often host industry and company barbecues. John A. Snively, Jr., my grandfather, played a crucial role during these gatherings as he manned the pit and carefully prepared our family recipe of Brunswick Stew. This recipe, dating back to the late 1800s and originating from his wife's Georgia family, became a cherished tradition and marked the beginning of our citrus and barbecue legacy. In 1952, John Jr. developed our family's signature barbecue sauce, which continues to be proudly served to this day, four generations later. To learn more about our story, please click on the link below. .

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Small Batch Handmade Jalapeño-Cheddar Smoked Sausage

Snively's Georgia Style Brunswick Stew

Folks Seem To Like Us

Great experience at Grove Root’s brewery. The sweet lady was almost out of food but worked closely with her chef to make sure everyone in my party was fed. She came out at the end of our meal with free stew since she had only a limited amount of options for us. Everyone loved every morsel
Nick Woodrum
Lagacy catered our 40th HS Reunion at Grove Roots this past week! BBQ Chicken, cooked perfectly! Baked Beans had just the right amount of sweetness. Everything was delicious, fresh and hot! The banana pudding was cold and also delicious!!
Tom W.
Found this food truck located in Winter Haven last minute looking for some BBQ. It did not disappoint!! We got the pulled pork sandwich plate at an affordable price came with the best coleslaw I’ve ever had and sweet flavored beans we loved! The bbq sauce came on the side and you can tell it’s all made from scratch. Plenty of meat on the sandwich and portion for the sides! Will be back (:
Name Unknown
Better than almost everything I had a pig fest. Everything was amazing the coleslaw was sooo delicious.
John Wagnor
This is, by far, the best BBQ I’ve ever had. Thanks Jack. Keep it up.
Renee Heath
Some of the finest barbecue I've had the pleasure to have experienced in years!
Cliff Monts De Oca
Probably one of the better bbq in the area. Great family history. Hit up the truck when it's at Grove Roots you won't be disappointed.
Andrew J.
I had Legacy deliver a pan of pulled pork with accompanying buns, sauce and slaw for a small get-together at Grove Roots. That is some of the best bbq all the way around regarding depth of flavor and moisture in the meat. The Cole slaw is excellent and more interesting than the average with shaved Brussels sprouts in it. The sauce was perfect. Thank you!
Julia Jones